January 28, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Nail Stickers

I've been wanting to give Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nails stickers a try. I've tried Incoco nail stickers when I was working at Lovelyish. I kind of wanted to compare the two. I picked up the leopard print ones because that is one design I haven't been able to do on my own nails. For around $10 you get 16 stickers.

The instructions are so easy you could follow the side of the box. Although they kindly include a full page length of instructions along with some tools:

Nicely packaged in the box is a wooden cuticle stick, nail file/buffer, instructions and two packages of nail stickers. As for the steps:

All the stickers come individually unlike Incoco which were all connected and you had to tear them off. First, you pick which size fits your nail best. Then you remove the plastic covering (as I'm showing in the picture).

Then you remove the paper backing (seen in background) and apply the sticker to your nail. Once it's placed on you can pull at the top to stretch it in order to fit better. Then press on the sticker for a few seconds and smooth over your nail.

Then you use the nail file to scrap off the excess and shape it at the top. They recommend doing your thumbs last (which I didn't listen) but I agree since you use your nails to peel off stickers.

- Lots of patterns and styles available. There are animal print, metallics, lace, and the list goes on.
- Very helpful instructions and includes all the tools needed. The nail file includes a buffer on the other side so you can smooth out your nail. There's a wooden cuticle stick so you push the sticker around the edges.

- An odd amount of nail stickers. There is 16 so now I'm left with 6. Not enough for another manicure and for $10 I feel like I should. Most nail polish bottles are $7 and you get many, many manicures out of them!
- The packaging. It is pretty sleek but the plastic containers for the nail stickers made me feel like an idiot trying to open them.
- For patterns, which I used, if you stretch it to fit your nail better it doesn't look consistent. The pattern will look bigger on some nails and not others. It's a small detail that is bugging me.

Would I buy it again? Probably. But not anytime soon again. It is more for a fancy, fun manicure not an everyday thing. I kind of prefer to manipulate and play with liquid polish myself.

Have you given these a try? What was your experience?


  1. i've really been wondering about these. i've heard people rave about them and i've also heard people say that incoco are better. i think i'd rather just stick with liquid polish - i barely have enough patience for that! lmao. but i kinda adore that pretty flower print. hm.

  2. @Fashionxcourt I've had two chips, one my thumb but I saw that coming. I had difficulty applying Incoco's full length ones and they didn't have prints. I think these are good for impatient people because you can't smudge them :p

    @Reyna Thanks!

  3. are they good for perfectionists though? ;/ lmao i think i'd still try these out though!

  4. Eh probably not since the leopard print is different sizes for each nail and I ripped the stickers :/ I just know I wouldn't have patience to paint leopard print nails!

  5. I've been wondering about these since there is a girl in my class who has them on her nails. You're right it is a bit weird they would sell them in a package of 16, but they look good!

  6. Thanks for checking out my blog! What does the girl in your class wear?

  7. I tried these out a few weeks ago. I was not happy with them. I had a hard time putting them on, and I felt like I couldn't get them even enough (which may just be me). They did look really cool on, though.

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  8. Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm sorry you had a difficult time. I know the first time I tried nail stickers with Incoco I had a difficult time :/ I feel like you just have to play with them a little bit, but personally I prefer applying liquid nail polish.

  9. I LOVE these!!!!!!!! I used these 3 weeks ago for my husbands company party. The stickers are pretty long, I actually was able to use one sticker for 2 nails on some of them. I simply put them on as advised and the extra part that hung off end of nail I easily tore and turned it around and used it another nail. So I will actually get to do my nails twice with one box rather than once. I am still wearing them now (3 weeks later) and it only looks like I need a fill as if I had acrylic nails also the paint is worn on the tips of my nails.(I do a lot of typing though) I only wish they will make these for your Toes!!!! That would be awesome!!!!

  10. I am going to try this today, the first nail was a little hard but it looks really pretty on your nails.

  11. i love these as i do my fingernails i use the excess for a pedi

  12. I loveee these. The stickers they give you tend to be pretty large, so if you have shortish nails and are adept with scissors, you can use a package for both hands... meaning two manicures per box. The glitter ones are amaaaazing.


  13. I just did mine and like the way they turn out. I have had several people including men make a comment about how cool they looked. I did the zebra print and since I have short nails I was able to do my toes with the same package. I agree it is pretty pricey. I think they should sell for less. But, will see how long mine last. I use my hands allot and am thinking I should put a clear coat of nail polish on top?

  14. I have bought a HUGE amount of these, I love them, I did my toes and put two coats of clear polish over to seal them and they lasted two weeks in the middle of Winter with me wearing shoes and socks every day, if you use a single strip for two nails, obviously taking the pattern into account you can probably do your fingers and toes with one of the packages in the box leaving you with another full set.


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