January 18, 2011

Review: RMS Beauty "Un"Cover-up

Remember I asked if anyone had tried this "un"cover-up product from RMS beauty? I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. They were offering free shipping so I went for it. It came in a .2oz glass container wrapped in a sleek white box.

It took me awhile to finally form my thoughts on this product. It is all-natural so maybe that is why it took some time for me to get used to it? I definitely want to try more organic beauty products this year.

Doesn't it look so dark?

At first, I'll admit I hated this product. I ordered the lightest color and thought it was too dark for my skin.
However, after working with it for a few weeks I'm growing more fond of it. I'm glad I didn't feel like I completely wasted my money. It is lightweight and blends well into your skin. It is very light so it's not ideal for concealing dark circles or zits. Supposedly the product "naturally enhances your skin and makes it healthy." So it doesn't act as a cover up or a foundation. I used it for days I didn't want to wear makeup. I doubt I'll be dropping another $36 on this item though. I really like my Benefit Boi-ing concealer for $18 which lasts ALL DAY.

Would you give this product a try? What organic makeup do you use?


  1. Hello, i was wondering which colour this was. Is it 11? I want to order it and have pale skin but not porcelain skin. Unsure whether to order 22 or 11, Thanks.

  2. Yes it's the lightest shade - 11. If you consider yourself pale, I'd still go with this shade because it is on the darker side and you can blend it to your liking.


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