January 7, 2011

Review: Revlon's Just Bitten Lip Stain

I've been looking all over for this product, I finally found a few left in Target. I purchased "Passion" which is a very bright pink color. I picked it up because the only other available color was a very dark berry that was a bit goth for me.

Felt tip
Balm end
  • I really enjoyed the balm. I did find once it wore off my lips felt super dry though. Definitely need to keep applying.
  • Not runny. I've found other lip stains are almost like lip gloss. This is not the case with this product. In fact, it is a little difficult to get the product out. 
  • The pen dries out. I purchased this product around Christmas. It went out easily then, but when I tried it today (about two weeks later) it was very difficult to get the stain out. Some of the felt from the tip actually came off on my lip.
  • Too bright. The color was just too bright for me. It looked odd on my lips. I think lip stains work best when you use a shade close to your natural lip color. "Passion" wasn't the right shade for me. 
Without balm
With balm
From afar...
Don't mind how awful I look. Just came in from the wet snow and wind. I'm curious to try Cover Girl's lip stain. Has anyone tried that one?

What was your experience with this product? What lip stain do you recommend?


  1. like i told you on twitter, i love this shade on you!

  2. haha really? I don't think it came as bright because it was dried up. You should have seen it at Christmas- it was SUPER bright! I threw it out :/


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