January 1, 2011

6 Pieces I Want To Invest In For The New Year

In my fashion New Year's resolutions for 2011, one was wanting to invest in more classic pieces. Here they are:

1. More neutral colors. Living in New York, I'm guilty of having too much black in my wardrobe. Black is a classic and goes with everything (we know!). However, there are other neutral colors that can do the same thing. For example, brown and navy. I definitely want to invest in a brown or navy handbag since all of mine are black (yawn!).

2. An evening clutch. I don't have any chic, classic clutches. I feel at 25 I should develop a more ladylike wardrobe. A great place to start is with a clutch!

3. Belts! I think belts play a vital role in an outfit. I don't have a very big belt collection. I definitely want to add more in 2011. In different colors, sizes and styles!
4. Brightly colored pumps. Alixrose mentioned how she had an almost all black collection of shoes. It made me go over my collection and I'm sad to report the same for me as well. Granted I'm not a big high heel wearer BUT when I do wear them I would want them to make a statement. So for 2011 I'm vowing to buy some magnificently colored heels!
5. An A-line coat. A-line is such a flattering shape. I don't have a rain coat (shocking!), so I would like to invest in a trench/rain coat preferably in a bright color (following the theme?).
Oh Christina... you're so hot!
6. Little Red Dress. Or as I like to abbreviate it: LRD (I'm so clever!). I think that the LRD is becoming a more desired look. Black will always be classic (duh!) but women shouldn't be afraid of color. Red is really flattering (especially on brunettes). La Petite Fashionista pointed this out during the holidays.

What do you think of my list?


  1. I really love the little red dress!


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  3. Thanks for reading! Do you have any LRDs?

  4. Excellent list. I love navy and tan/camel because they can go either way - as neutrals paired with colors, or as color paired with black. But what I love even more than neutrals - and what I'm always trying to buy more of - are prints! When you have a few different colors in once piece it actually goes with so much more! I learned that a few years ago from What Not To Wear :)

  5. Oh good point! I really fell in love with leopard this past season and picked up a few pieces :)


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