January 22, 2011

My Alloy Shopping List

I'm crushing hard on this cross-body bag $36.90
I got my Alloy catalog in the mail. I found some goodies I might want to purchase. I'm so ready for spring!
This sailor skirt is perfect for spring at $29.90.
How adorable is this ruffled front cardigan for $34.90?
It's all about wide leg trousers for spring. These jeans are a great option at $36.90.

These patterned heels are super cute. They come in different colors for $39.90.
These bracelets look so cute together for $22.90.

This cuff is quite fabulous for $14.90.
I am in love with satchels right now. I've been looking for a nice brown or navy one. Could this be the one for $36.90?
I've had pretty good success with their sunglasses. These are oh so chic at $10.90.

Should I get these items? Are you fan of Alloy?


  1. i haven't ordered from alloy in years but definitely would go back. i can't believe the price of that satchel!


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