January 4, 2011

Justin Bieber's 'Vanity Fair' Magazine Shoot Makes Me Feel Icky

Don't his eyebrows look weird?
The kid is charming, I'll give him that. He definitely has star quality. Do I like his music? No. Do I find him attractive? Um, I'm nearly 10 years older than him (eww!). He is a phenomenon though so it does explain why he's on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. However, the inside spread makes me feel a little icky. See for yourself:

Rocking the hipster glasses? Really Justin? I do like the retro teen heartbreaker vibe though.

Sassy turtleneck there Justin. He looks pretty, if you know what I mean.

This is when things get weird... why the open shirt? He's not even 17!

I do appreciate Vanity Fair doing a fresh take on Bieber Fever. He doesn't make the pouty Justin faces or isn't wearing his typical hip hop attire.

What do you think of this photoshoot?

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  1. He needs to go get bent. And so does this shoot.

    Love Grace.

  2. Lol I'm not a big fan of Justin Bieber. And yes, most of those photos seem weird to me!

  3. I'm not a Beiber fan at all. The open shirt picture is just plain uncomfortable for me as I'm a lot older, lol.
    I also think he could do with a hair cut.

  4. I'm glad you gals agree :) @HiFashionSherin I saw a pic of him running on the beach (creepy) but his hair was up and he looks SO WEIRD! I now know why he keeps it like that...

  5. lmfao! Justin Beiber sorta looks like Justine Beiber.. well if you catch my drift. I like this, but I don't fancy him.


  6. Oh I catch it ;) Thanks for checking out my blog!

  7. WTF!
    Justin Bieber is the most sexiest man alive!!

    Go get bent if you think otherwise!


  8. Go Bieber! He is sooooooooooo HOT!!! I have 20 poster's of him staring t me at night and I LOVE it!!!
    I have obvious signs of the fever of the bieber!!

  9. He is so cute...and fresh. Luvvvvvvv u justin and BTW you and selena look great together.

  10. Justin and Selena are involved in a serious relationship. They have been spotted on a beach going crazy, smooching and kissing.


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