January 19, 2011

I Only Use Men's Razors

There are all these women's razors on the market. None of them interest me. I've tried Venus which supposedly offered a smoother shave. However, I found it gave me razor burn (ouch!). I also find that women's razors don't get a close shave. I have to go over the area more than once, which is annoying.

This is not the case with men's razors. I've trusted Gillette's mach razor, I believe I'm currently using Mach 3. I don't remember when I decided to give it a try but I never looked back. I only have to go over the area once and I rarely (except when I'm lazy or careless with my shaving) get razor burns.

While working at Lovelyish, we would share our advice with the readers and many of them found it odd I suggested men's razors. I really couldn't convince them. I understand that marketers try to get you to think that it's "made for a woman" so they think a man's razor wouldn't shave properly. However, most razors for men are created for their face. That is the body part they use the razor most for, which requires a lot of bending and care. I think this technology is beneficial to women. I find them to be more gentle on my skin than these "women razors" are. Marketing is such a scheme (lol)!

What razor do you trust?

P.S. I'm playing around with different layouts. Do you like this one? Or the former?

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