January 27, 2011

Guest Post: Snooki Is A Good Role Model For Females

*Today's guest post comes from television blogger, Faith Jones. We are both huge fans of the "Jersey Shore" and definitely agree on this topic. Enjoy!

Okay, so I’m really hoping Sammi decides to leave the Jersey Shore tonight to go home and wallow in her giant vat of ridiculous self-pity. Am I alone here? I mean Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola is the perfect example of why I have approximately ONE close girlfriend. I literally cannot stand women who blame their boyfriends’ bad behavior on other women. Call it low self-esteem, call it living in a giant delusion—if your man cheats on you in “da club” it’s no one’s fault but his. It’s also no one else’s fault but YOURS if you stay with him.
Sammi is pathetic as Jezebel so kindly pointed out. When she isn’t laying around staring into Ronnie’s eyes, she is yelling at him about how much he’s hurt her. So, leave! I would. She should too especially considering everything Ronnie did in Miami was caught on tape and played for us over and over again. Why do you stay with a loser…and then crucify your friends for trying to make you aware of the situation?! You can’t kill the messenger, just because the message was delivered poorly.
Now that I’m writing this, I really can’t figure out why exactly it is that Sammi is angry with the other women in the house. Is she mad because JWOWW and Snooki wrote her an anonymous letter letting her know about the indiscretion? Is she mad because they made her look stupid? Is it because they didn’t tell her in a timely fashion? Is it because they shouldn’t have told her at all? I’m confused.
More women should be like Snooki. Let’s examine. Do you guys remember during the first episode when told us that Vinny slept with her best friend RIGHT after she admitted having feelings for him? It was never a thought in her head to blame her friend for Vinny’s slutty behavior.  She confronted Vinny for his inability to consider her feelings, and moved on. Let’s hear it for not being passive-aggressive! Imagine holding men responsible for their actions instead of blaming the participating female (although I’d like to argue that I’d be pretty upset at my best friend if she slept with someone I openly had feelings for).
I commend Snooki for her ability to have relationships with other women, without letting a man interfere. She cherishes her friendships with women, speaks openly about her feelings with them, and turns to them when she’s emotionally distraught. Honestly, this is the way it should be. I love men as much as the next girl, but there are only so many things you can talk to them about before they begin pretending they’re listening (if they were ever listening in the first place).
As far as I’m concerned, Sammi’s screen-time is up. I am over her. She’s annoying and mean, and I’m tired of her “stank” face. We, as women, should all strive to create trustworthy relationships with other women. In a sense, we should all strive to be a lot more like Snooki.


  1. Thanks for posting Faith! I also have difficulty keeping female friends, definitely easier with guys. I would love Snooki as a friend hehe :p

  2. LOL Snook would be so much fun to have as a friend. Have you seen her in interviews?? She was SOO great on Wendy Williams. Love her. But yes, I think female relationships are so important, but most women just really don't understand how to have them!

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