January 17, 2011


Can you explain this madness?!
I'm in a hair crisis. I've been noticing frayed hairs right above my ears for some reason. I couldn't figure out the problem. Was it my conditioner? I switched over to a leave-in conditioner because my hair is quite dry this winter. Aussie's 3-Minute Miracle is amazing but didn't completely alleviate the problem.

I thought maybe it was damaged from blow drying so I bought Tresemme's heat protective spray. That also made my hair feel healthier but still didn't completely eliminate the issue.

When I was back in California during the holidays, I asked my mom's stylist. She recommended Keratin Complex's Infusion. It was pretty pricey but my mom offered to get it for me. I liked how soft it made my hair feel but still didn't get rid of the problem.

I also have Argan Oil which also acts like a heat protectant for my hair. Again... same dilemma.

Finally my aunt said that it is breakage caused by pulling my hair up too tight. I'm completely guilty of always having my hair up. Especially now that it is is almost to my elbow. For the past two days I've kept my hair down COMPLETELY. Such a difficult task for me to do, but it is working. My hair hasn't frayed too much in that area. I'm not sure how much longer I have to continue with this before I can put my hair up again. I want my hair healthy again but I can't always wear it down!

Have you experienced hair breakage? What did you do?

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