December 7, 2010

'The Tourist' NYC Premiere

Brad, Angie and Johnny were all in attendance for "The Tourist" NYC premiere last night. Brad and Angie walked the carpet together. Brad stepped it up after his leather pants incident at the "Megamind" premiere. However, I would've liked Angie to have added more accessories. The dress and shoes being the same color just bored me.
On another note: I'm sorry but I'm OVER this "huge slit up my leg" trend, especially among older actresses. Jen Aniston has done it, Gwyneth Paltrow did it at the CMA's and Angie has done it twice this year. We get it! You're hot! Now stop.
Johnny, oh Johnny. I can't ever say anything bad about him because he is a god. But this is definitely not his best look.

Images source: Celebrity-Gossip

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