December 18, 2010

Review: LashFusion XL Mascara

I received a free sample of this at the Blogger Soiree I attended last week along with dozens of other goodies!

I was definitely curious about this mascara. I'm a fan of fuller mascara brushes and this had quite the bristles. However, that proved to be an issue in the application process.
Left: LashFusion, Right: Falsies mascara
Sorry for the awful swatches (I'm a first timer). My Falsies mascara is in brown black so it's not as bold as the LashFusion coloration. But as you can see, the brush is much fuller than Falsies but that isn't necessarily a good thing.

LashFusion basically stunted my lashes. I do have naturally long lashes so to make my lashes look non-existent is a difficult task. Yet LashFusion did. It also had a pretty strong smell. I know most mascaras have that "mascara" smell (such technical terms) but this is different and it's not very pleasant.

I would not recommend this product.

What was your experience with this mascara? Would you like me to review any other products?


  1. Thanks for the review, darling!


  2. Of course! Thanks for reading :) What mascara do you love?


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