December 5, 2010

Oh No Olivia!

Star of the upcoming Tron: Legacy, Olivia Wilde, showed up to the UK premiere looking like a firework threw up on her. She is GORGEOUS girl and somehow this outfit makes her look stumpy. The Armani dress has a random design with sparkles. Red, white and blue... really? I'm never a fan of black tights with black shoes as you can see why. Oy vey!

At least her makeup looks good? I'm scratching my head here...

What do you think of this look?

Images: GossipCenter


  1. Ooh-er. I'm not sure. As a lover of all things sparkly it definitely gets points for that, but as for the colours.. hmmm!

  2. haha I like sparkly too, but I don't think red, white and blue ever works except July 4th. Thanks for reading :)


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