December 31, 2010

My William Rast For Target Shopping Haul

YEY! I'm finally back in NYC! Waiting for me when I got home was a Target bag. As a little Christmas present to myself I picked up a few items from the William Rast collection for Target. For those who don't know, William Rast is Justin Timberlake's fashion line with his best friend. There was a lot of hit and miss with this collection; however, since I'm such a sucker for studs a few items caught my eye:
I got this cream woven embellished tee for $29.99 (a little pricier than most Target items). It's 100% polyester but is very soft and dainty. It has a looser fit like the pink Ann Taylor Loft blouse I got for Christmas.
This black embellished skirt is a little long for my petite figure but I could probably pull it off as a high-waisted skirt. The skirt is 68% rayon, 28% nylon and 4% spandex so it hugs all your curves. It cost $34.99.
I really liked the tags and overall packaging
I also decided to just get some simple black skinnies. I needed them so why not?! They are just basic black skinny jeans that are 99% cotton and 1% elastane. They are comfortable and stretchy, but I don't like that the front pockets are fake (boo!). They were the most expensive thing I bought at $39.99, but that is still pretty cheap for jeans.
The tags were very sleek black with American flag stripes. It included a little note about the company. I liked the logo as well. Overall, I was quite pleased with the items I picked out.

Did you pick up anything from this collection?


  1. i haven't checked out the collection yet, but i will be heading to target soon! i love the pieces you picked up!

  2. Thanks! Let me know if you get anything :)


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