December 26, 2010

My Kohl's Christmas Jewelry Haul

Many of my presents I shopped for with my mom to pick out items I like. It is actually very efficient and it doesn't ruin the full aspect since I still get surprise gifts. I picked out these 4 pieces from Kohl's. Kohl's a great place for jewelry! I wish there was one convenient to Manhattan.

Remember, I was craving tassels? Well I got one! This is from the Daisy Fuentes collection (apparently I like a lot of her stuff). It does have the twisted knot before the tassel but I kinda like the extra touch. Plus, it's super long so I can just throw it over my head.

Then to the left of that is my Mr. T necklace. Mr. T has been an odd jewelry inspiration to me from double finger rings to chunky chain necklaces. I ordered one from Etsy but it ended up being really short, like a choker. So when I spotted this necklace, I knew I had to grab it! I'm pretty excited about it (lol!).

I'm also trying to build a brooch collection. I feel like you can add them to so many pieces (i.e. hats, blazers, headbands). I thought this one was elegant and also resembled a bit of a snowflake.

Lastly, is the knuckle ring. No it's not a double finger ring... BUT I did want a knuckle ring that went down almost the full length of my finger. This ring does and looks very classy. Something I don't usually go for with jewelry. I'm more of a statement, costume jewelry person. This is big enough that it doesn't feel too odd to wear it.

I also thought I'd include the ring Giuseppe got me as part of my jewelry holiday haul. It's two separate rings connected by a delicate chain. One has a bow and the other one looks like a rope with a jewel in the middle. He kind of got the concept of a "double finger" ring (lol!). He did get me a double finger that was a leaf, but it didn't fit. I was thinking about turning into a necklace. Any ideas?

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