December 15, 2010

My Grand Central Purchase

Today my Aunt came in from Jersey so I wanted to take her shopping. She loves crafts so I thought the holiday fair at Grand Central Terminal would be perfect. I still had two friends to shop for; however, most of the products were super pricey. Only in Manhattan would a craft fair be selling $100 scarves and hats!
I did find this double finger ring! I'm obsessed with double finger rings and saw something similar on Rihanna awhile ago. I think it's so elegant but edgy at the same time. It was $16 at a retail store in Grand Central called Tia's Place. It was a very young, funky store which I definitely had to limit what I bought. I was supposed to be shopping for my friends (I did manage to get their gifts), but what's the harm in getting yourself a little something? What do you think?


  1. I loved Grand Central!(:

    Such a lovely purchase! xx

  2. Looove the ring. I'm pretty obsessed with double finger rings. I haven't been able to find anything like that in London though!


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