December 23, 2010

My Friend Got Me A Bad Gift

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I consider myself a good gift giver. I try to get people a gift that they really want or need. Sometimes practical gifts can be the best and it's not always about spending the most money. It's about putting some thought behind it. Before going to California, I've been gift exchanging with friends. One friend that I consider a good friend got me a bad gift. By "bad gift" I mean it wasn't relevant to all.

Let me explain. I've known this girl for almost three years, we hang out pretty frequently so I would say she knows me fairly well to pick out a gift. Right? She asked me what top size I am and I told her an XS. She purchased me a tank top that I thought was pretty cute but when I held it up I thought to myself "whoa, this is pretty big." I glanced at the tag to see that it was a Medium. Um, okay? This was just the beginning. My main issue came from the next gift.

One of the things this girl and I 'bonded' over was that fact that we both don't drink. I've been out with her plenty of times for her to see that I order a Shirley Temple, soda, or water. Never an alcoholic beverage. Following? She then hands me a bottle of mojito mix. I really didn't know how to respond. At first, I thought maybe it was a gag gift so I laughed but she wasn't laughing. Then I'm thinking "Are you serious?" She was. So I said "Remember, I don't drink." I had to convince her for a few minutes and then she was like "Oh yeah, well give it to someone else." Uhh... most of my friends don't drink and I don't like the idea of giving someone a gift because someone gave me something I don't like or use.

I'm disheartened because it wasn't a thoughtful gift. I would've rather a gift certificate (which aren't always bad if it's for a place you like to shop). So I ended up handing them both back to her and she said she'll get me a shirt in my size. Does that make things right? Should I be offended? How would you react?


  1. i hate impersonal gifts :/ i sound like a brat, i know but i hate getting bath and body sets because it's like...oh, here's something generic. i'm really picky about what i receive because i put SO much thought into my gifts. i would be kinda offended if i was you too

  2. Well if someone wants something from bath & body then it's not that impersonal, but I get you. Thanks :) What do I say?


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