December 26, 2010

My Festive Holiday Nails

I purchased a sequin tank top that came with these spare sequins attached. A light bulb when off in my head! They kind of looked like ornaments to me and I thought they'd look great on my nails. Right?

This is my first time ever attempting this so they're a little messy, but I like them. What I used:

Step 1- Applied my trusty Rejuvacote as my base coat
Step 2- Applied Sally Hansen's red nail polish
Step 3- While the polish is still wet, use tweezers to place sequin in desired position (I aimed for the center)
Step 4- After letting nails dry approximately 20 minutes, applied glitter french tip nail polish carefully along the top of the nail (This was my first time using this kind of brush so it's not perfect)
Step 5- After letting nails dry approximately 30 minutes (just to make sure!), apply the world's greatest top coat, Seche Vite!
My knuckle ring had to make an appearance :)
These lasted through Christmas day cooking (i.e. rolling dough), which I'm so relieved about because it was quite the effort. One con I will say is that the sequins are hard, so they don't curve with the nail. They stick out which I'm not a fan of. But otherwise, I find them very festive :)

What do you think?


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