December 31, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Gifts

So I already showed you my beauty gifts, the fashion items and miscellaneous gifts from Christmas. Now here are my favorites!

My good friend got me the Beauty Blender sponges kit! It comes with two sponges and a cleaner. I'm quite excited for these because supposedly they are the best things on the planet. I'll keep ya updated!

My sister and her husband got me two skull items: this ice cube tray and a skull candle handle holder (below). Isn't this ice cube tray so cute?! This tray is a little special because in October when Halloween supplies are out, I found this tray. I sent an e-mail to my family saying someone to get me this! However, it was sold out when my sister went to order it so she searched for another one. I appreciate her hard efforts :)
Day time

With a candle and no lights on
It was hard to get a good shot of this candle holder because it is clear. But trust me, it is badass! She said she got it from Z Gallerie. This is definitely my favorite my gift!

What was your favorite gift?

1 comment:

  1. The skull ice tray is pretty amazing. Love the uniqeness of it.

    Happy New Year!!


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