December 11, 2010

My Dad Wears Double Denim.

My dad's style icon: Jay Leno
One trend I will not be wearing is double denim. Why? My dad wears it. For years he’s claimed I gained my fashion sense from him. Then fashion had and go fulfill his dreams. He has been wearing double denim all my life and when it was finally said to be "in style," he wouldn't shut up about it. He would proudly wear his faded out button denim shirt, with 20+ year old Levi jeans, topped off with his brown cowboy-inspired looking belt then go "I'm happening!" Meanwhile, my eyes are burning.

Although I've seen this trend pulled off by fellow bloggers and friends, I just can't. I can't wear something my dad wears. It goes against all my fashion principles (lol!). I never found my parents fashionable unlike some bloggers who create blogs based on that subject entirely. It's no way a bad thing... they just weren't fashion conscious people. My aunt on the other hand... such a diva back in her day! My father had oversized brown framed glasses, Joey Ramone hair, red high top converse with the retro knee high socks along with a car t-shirt. Not a looker.

When I requested a Ramones vintage shirt for my birthday a few years ago he went on and on "Oh now you are copying my fashion sense." Sort of, Dad. I did want the shirt because yes you bred us Ramones fans. No, I didn't want the shirt because you had one. Needless to say I didn't get the shirt. However, he found it necessary to walk around in it whenever he got the chance.

I don't think I can take anymore of his double denim so I'll just have to bite my lip and wait for it to be unfashionable again. Thanks fashion world.

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  1. That's hilarious. Your dad sounds like a highly lovable guy. :)


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