December 12, 2010

My Beauty New Year's Resolutions:

Here are seven bad beauty habits I plan to kick in 2011:

1. Don't pump your mascara! It causes air bubbles, which dries out your mascara quicker especially if it's water proof.
2. Apply moisturizer to your neck. This is thinking ahead. One of the best ways to avoid wrinkles when you're older is to apply moisturizer. However, most women forget the most sensitive (and telling region, in my opinion)... the neck. It is a simple extra step when already applying moisturizer to my face. Hopefully it will pay off when I'm over fifty *crosses fingers*
3. Wash your makeup brushes weekly. I'm terrible at remembering to do this. It is so essential! You have to clean your brushes ladies. It helps prevent infections and breakouts.
4. Don't touch your face! Probably my #1 beauty bad habit is touching my face. It's the reason I get most zits around my chin area. It's mostly because I don't know what to do with my hands. This is going to be the hardest to kick. I've already started trying and I do catch myself. Anyone have any tips to break this bad habit?
That's totally how I look when I'm sleeping
5. Change pillow cases. I never put much thought into how much my pillow cases could be causing me to break out. After reading up on it from several beauty bloggers, I definitely want to start. I'm going to try and change them at least once every two weeks. How often do you change yours?

6. Wash my face before going to bed. I either wash my face in the morning or before going to bed, but apparently it’s better to wash at night. So I'm going to try and wash nightly now. I feel like my nightly routine is getting longer and longer...
7. Toss out old makeup! I'm so stubborn when it comes to this. I always think "hey, it can last a little longer" and a little longer turns into months. Any makeup I haven't bought in the past 6 months I'm going to toss otherwise I don't know when I ever will. As much as it will break my heart *tear*

What are your beauty New Year's resolutions for 2011?

Top image source: FabSugar


  1. Wow, this is a wonderful post, thanks for sharing! xx

  2. Haaha funny to see! Actually im curious to see more of you! I really like your profile picture! Your hair and make-up is gorgeous.

  3. Those are the best beauty resolutions! I also need to clean my brushes more often, and stop touching my face so often!!

  4. Aw thank you :) Yes I'm so bad at those two!


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