December 29, 2010

Miscellaneous Christmas Gifts I Got

Continuing with sharing what I got for Christmas, here are what I would classify as "miscellaneous."

I got a few office supply items including this laptop case cover. It looks really big but my Mac book actually fits nicely in it. It's black and white, which is always a classic.
Then I got this mouse pad day calendar. I don't have a mouse so not sure how I will put it into use.
What it says on the back
These quirky sticky notes are from Pier 1. I have a slight addiction to post-its so these should hold me over. Plus, my new saying lately is "Oy vey" so it's pretty awesome that there is an "Oy" note set.
This soy candle is from Anthropologie. I'm not really a scented candle kind of gal, but this smells really good! I don't know if all the initials smell the same, my sister and I are both K.
As you can see I've already enjoyed some :)
See's candies are to die for! I'm a huge chocolate lover. I got a pound of peanut nougats which I'm going to try and not polish off before returning to New York tomorrow.

Up next... my favorite gifts! You'll have to wait until I'm back in NYC though :)


  1. These are cool gifts. I love useful gifts that can help me get my stuff together

  2. Yeah I'm definitely a fan of practical gifts. Thanks for reading :)


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