December 8, 2010

I'm Never Buying Another Bra From Victoria's Secret Again

In the past few weeks two of my Victoria Secret’s bras have snapped! It is frustrating to spend nearly $40 on these bras and a simple pull of the strap and I can never wear them again. 

One I had for a few years so I wasn’t as heartbroken but another I had only for 3 months. I decided to step outside my “bra comfort zone” and try Kohl’s $8 bras. I ended up loving them! I bought a few of them and have been comfortable in all of them. A favorite is the "Lily of France" bra. It has good padding and a hint of lace to feel sexy but is comfortable to wear all day.

After finding such a good deal on bras at Kohl's and Target, I will never buy a bra at Victoria's Secret again. It's not worth investing $30-$40 for something that will break. I can rationalize an $8 bra breaking. Victoria's Secret prides itself on quality, but I just don't see it.

Have you had this problem? Where do you shop for the best bras?

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