December 22, 2010

I'm Dreading Holiday Travel

Tomorrow I'm flying to California to visit my family for the holidays. Christmas is always the worst time to fly and I'm flying the day before Christmas Eve... lucky me (insert sarcasm)! I can only imagine the chaos. It's been raining the past week about 7 inches a day in southern California, which I hope won't delay my flight but you know how airports like to be annoying. I'm also not even bothering to try and pour my liquids into tiny little bottles. I'm saying fuck it and checking a bag, especially since I'll be returning home with presents.

I know I'm weird in saying this but I'm not excited to be in 80 degree weather for Christmas. It doesn't feel right to me. Yes, I understand most people would think the beaches of southern California would be so pleasing but I'm a New Yorker at heart. I'm not a fan of the beach. I like snow on my Christmas, dammit!

I'll be in the southern Orange County area for a week where I'm sure I'll be eating plenty of food. What are your holiday plans?


We all have opinions... I want to hear yours!

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