December 20, 2010

I Trust My Hair to Oscar Blandi!

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I used to be a bit dry shampoo challenged. I was hearing about this phenomena that women were such BIG fans of ...but I had yet to see the magic. I tried the Klorane aerosol bottle from Sephora; however, it left white powder on my hair and I'm brunette! I reached out on Twitter complaining that I didn't understand the beauty of this product. One lovely response came from Lock and Mane (@LockandMane).

They recommended applying the product to my hand at first then rubbing it in to eliminate the left over residue. Also, they said their favorite was Alterna's dry shampoo which isn't an aerosol can. They were kind of enough to send me a sample to try and help me with my dilemma! While it did help get rid of white powder left over on my scalp... I still didn't feel like it soaked up the oils in my hair. So my search continued.

I had lots of responses of people telling me the tricks they use and it seems like everyone has their own brand that they like. The next sample Lock and Mane sent me was from Oscar Blandi and it was love! It's great for darker hair because it sprays on invisible. No white powder or residue! It has come in handy now that I have bangs. I don't wash my hair everyday but bangs only look nice right after they are washed so I spray some of this on and they look WAY less greasy. I'm really happy with this dry shampoo ad feel it does job the well.

Which dry shampoo do you use? How do you apply it?

P.S.  Big thank you to Lock and Mane for their helpful advice and free samples!

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