December 17, 2010

Friend Friday: Holiday Edition

1. Which holiday party are you looking forward to attending this year? 
I was looking forward to my annual alumni holiday party (I already attended). I went to a fashion school so I always know there will be great fashionistas there!

2. What is your go-to holiday party outfit? 
A great fitting dress, lots of bling and a touch of red! For the alumni party I wore an A-line gray wool dress from Nordstrom with black tights, a red cardigan from Target with a vintage brooch from Etsy and some black booties from Zappos.

3. Do you go dressed in something that would be impractical to wear at any other time of the year? 
I don't think so. I may pair some items together that I usually wouldn't. I might not have paired the red cardigan with the dress or worn the brooch with the other accessories.

4. If you are going to a house-party what gift will you bring to the host/hostess? 
I'm not this year. I did last year. I brought her a wine from Trader Joe's. She was a former employer and she likes her wine. I do think wine is a pretty good and safe bet for a gift for a party!

5. If you could buy only one trendy piece to update your holiday party wardrobe, what would you get this year?
I'm dying to get a hot red dress, or a Little Red Dress as I like to call it *wink.* I think a red dress is a must-have for every woman just like an LBD and LWD (white dress for the summer) are.

Thank you Modly Chic for organizing "FriendFriday" and proposing these questions! Have a great weekend!

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