December 13, 2010

Dexter Season Finale Didn't Steal My Breath

Usually Dexter finale's take your breath away, but this one didn't. Honestly, it was a little too feel goody for me (I know that's not a word). The only part of the episode that my jaw dropped was when Deb almost caught Dexter and Lumen at the Jordan Chase crime scene.

It felt like a series finale, as my girl Fashionxcourt pointed out when we were live tweeting during the show. I don't think it is and I certainly hope not. After last season, I didn't think the show would recover. So many fans were outraged about Rita's death, me included. However, this season was amazing! Each episode I was blown away by the show.... until this finale. It left fans scratching their heads. But if we know anything about the show, then we know next season will start with a bang and explain it all.

The title of the episode was "The Big One," which I'm guessing is about Jordan Chase. The "big" kill. I felt like they killed Mr. Chase way too quickly. They spent nearly half the season trying to kill him, but by 30 minutes in the episode Lumen had driven the knife into his chest. There was a lot of character exploration the last 15 minutes, which I'm not sure whether or not the writer's felt like they had to make up for not doing it earlier in the season (I don't think so) or they are plotting some thing for next season.

Each character explores a side to Dexter. Rita explored could he have it all; a wife, a family, a job. Lumen explored if someone could really love him for who he really is. I found it interesting that Lumen left saying that the feeling that consumed her to kill was no longer there. I'm predicting the next aspect of Dexter the writer's will explore is the possibility of him overcoming his urges especially with his family staying with him for the summer. If Lumen overcame it, why not me?

The show ended with Michal C. Hall's voice talking over Dexter blowing out the candle at Harrison's birthday, "Wishes are for children." Maybe Dexter wished to be normal. Maybe he wished for the dark passenger to go away. We'll just have to wait until next season!

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