December 18, 2010

Bloggers vs Socialites vs Editors

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I wanted to share two posts that I found very interesting for a little weekend reading:

The first post was from Where is Harriet? about "Bloggers vs Socialites" and how many people compare bloggers to journalists but they are more like socialites. I agree that bloggers create a following because of their lifestyle (i.e. where they go and what they wear) much like socialites. Hopefully, not all of them party as hard as Lilo and Paris.

The other post is by Geri Hirsh of because im addicted who wrote "the next generation of outfit bloggers: editors" about how the editors of Refinery 29 and Joanna Hillman of Harper's Bazaar are cataloging their outfits. Editors are frequently snapped on street style blogs, but now they're doing their own. I think that it's a great nod to fashion bloggers and I definitely would love to see some of my favorite editors featured.

What do you think of these ideas? Where do you stand?

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention, I am off now to read the other post by Geri Hirsh too. I think this is such a fascinating topic.


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