December 10, 2010

5 Ugly Guys I Actually Find Hot

Have you ever overheard someone go "he's ugly" and in your head you're thinking "hey, he's hot?" Well that usually is me... I mean I can totally see the appeal of Brad Pitt and George Clooney. However, I am usually attracted to the "non-mainstream" good looks. Here are 5 guys I think are hot, but not everyone agrees:

1. Seth Rogen- Yes, I'm into guys who make me laugh. I even thought he was pretty cute before he lost the weight. I like his laugh because it's memorable. He's actually pretty intelligent... he wrote the screenplay to "Superbad" at age 13! He also has been loyal to his non-famous (newly) fiancee, which is hard to find in Hollywood.

2. Paul Rudd- Apparently he's consider NOT hot. I (politely) disagree. Dark hair and light eyes is such a sexy combination! He is approaching 40 but still has that boyish charm.

3. Billie Jo Armstrong- I thought he was hot when Green Day was a young punk band... he had blue hair, but I'm still impressed by him. He managed to keep his band relevant when many bands fade away. Most people are hung up about his teeth... if he doesn't smile you can see the hotness. He will be 40 in less than 2 years and has a great family!

4. Shaun White- When it comes to athletes most girls will say that Cristiano Ronaldo is the hottest (he knocked up a one-night stand... no thanks!). Quite frankly, I think he looks like a turtle (lol!). One of the hottest athletes is Shaun White in my humble opinion. He plays many sports, but you probably know him as the dominating young talented snowboarder from the US Olympic team. I like his red hair, his free spirit attitude and he is actually a guy who is into fashion (but not gay!), which I can totally get behind.
5. Peyton Manning- Oh, Peyton. He is one tall cup of sexyness (lol!). Like Shaun White, I'm really attracted to his talent. He is a gifted quarterback, but even though he has great genes he still works hard. Everyone in the NFL says he is the hardest working quarterback. He is also proof that you can be mega-talented but not have an ego like we see in most professional athletes. Besides being hugely talented, he has a great personality! I quite enjoy his TV commercials. I like a man with a sense of humor, isn't that the sexiest thing?

Quite the mix I got going here: 2 comedians, 1 musician, 1 Superbowl winner and 1 Olympic athlete!

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