December 20, 2010

5 Things I Would NEVER Let My Boyfriend Wear

I know celeb couples love matching their outfits, but sometimes matching can go too far. I would never want me and my boyfriend to be too matchy matchy. I am all about personal style, but there are some things I could never let a boyfriend of mine wear. Keep in mind this is strictly wishful thinking... I've dated guys who've worn all of these (except the Uggs- thank goodness!):

1. Man Jewelry- Only one man can pull this off and that is Johnny Depp. That's it! I HATE the single gold hoop earring! Pierced ears are okay on a guy if both are pierced. I avoid a man wearing rosary beads or multiple rings... just weirds me out.

2. UGG Boots- I don't even like them on women... let alone men! I should also throw in Crocs too!

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3. V-Neck Tee- Zac Efron loves wearing them, but I think for the average guy it's not a good look. It's a little too metro for my taste. If he showed up for a date wearing a v-neck and blazer I would feel like he was dressed better than me! I understand their purpose as an "undershirt" but not for matching your girlfriend. Maybe that's why they broke up? Lol!
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4. Flamboyant Jeans- I know for a little while emo guys wanted to wear their girlfriends jeans. Now they make skinny jeans for guys so stop! I don't need to see 7 For All Mankind on a guy's ass. Also, while you're at... please keep flames or obnoxious graphics off your jeans too!

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5. Hair Gel- GROSS! I don't mind if it's used to keep your mohawk standing up, but I prefer to be able to run my fingers through hair. I still don't get why guys wear gel in their hair. At least opt for palmade!

Do you agree? What would you never let your boyfriend wear?

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