December 9, 2010

4 Things to Avoid When Applying to Jobs on Craigslist

I'm currently on the job hunt! A popular place for any job hunter is Craigslist. However, since you can place free ads, there tend to be scammers or just weird people. Here are 4 things to avoid:
1) Misspelled words or bad grammar. You should avoid these when applying to ANY job really. Do you really want to work for a company that doesn't edit or know the proper spelling of a word? Not me.
2) Hot girls wanted ads. These always creep me out. "Seeking girls 18-24 with great feet." I'll pass.
3) "I'm out of town." When an ad says that the person is out of town and needs an assistant to help them receive mail or packages... it usually means they are out of the COUNTRY. Only apply to this if you're also looking to receive money for a Nigerian prince (not!).
4) Bad attitude. If you get a bad feeling after reading an ad... then just move on. It's not worth your time if you can already sense the work environment from a couple of sentences.


  1. Wowzers, the job hunt market has definitely changed! I'm scared for job seekers. I'm wondering if maybe Craigslist isn't the "go-to" for job seekers?

  2. Well I check out Mediabistro, Ed2010, SimplyHired, Mashable... lots more hehe

  3. "...great feet" oh dear, an employer honest about their foot fetish :p


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