December 8, 2010

4 Friends Every Girl Should Have

Each of your friends have distinct personalities and each of them play a role in your life some way or another. It’s good to surround yourself with a good close-knit group of friends. Here are 4 types of friends that I think every should have are:

1. The friend that makes you laugh. When you’re having a bad day and need a pick me up, you know you can call this friend to give you a good laugh. Laughter really helps survive some dreadful moments. When it seems like everything is going wrong and there is nothing you can do except laugh about it, that’s where this friend comes in.

2. The brutally honest friend (this is probably my role). All girls need a friend to tell her that she probably shouldn’t walk out of the house looking like that. I know I’m honest with my friends because I would hope they would do the same for me. This friend should suggest another thing to wear, like “You look way hotter in the red top” rather than being mean and saying you look terrible. This friend wants you going out looking and feeling your best.

3. The 24/7 friend. I think there is no better friend than the one you can call up at 3am crying because you don’t feel good or because a boy didn’t call. My best friend lives in a different time zone so 3am is midnight for them so it actually works out pretty nicely for me (lol!). It’s just nice to know you can call someone no matter what time it is to make you feel comforted.

4. The party friend. This friend is probably going out every night “living life to the fullest” and tries to drag you out with them. It may seem annoying all the invitations to go out when you know you have tons of homework to do. But, at one point you will just want to go out and dance or dress up. My “party friend” wanted me to go to Vegas for my birthday. I’m not Vegas girl, not a fan of the club scene at all. But I let her convince me and ended up having a really fun time! I won’t do it again (lol!) but it was good to try it out for a night. Sometimes you need that person to push you to be a little more spontaneous!

This was my list. What kind of friend do you think every girl should have? Which friend are you?


  1. I completely agree! You need to have all of these friends... I think I'm actually all four rolled into one. LOL. I'm brutally honest, when asked, happy to enable a night out on the town or anywhere really, I answer my calls, return texts and tweets (when i'm not sicky), and I think my twisted sense of humor makes people laugh... I guess I'm entertaining that way. ;) xoxo

  2. haha you are very entertaining :)


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