December 28, 2010

2010 Was The Year Of The Egos

The now infamous LeBron James ESPN interview
As the year comes to a close, it causes one to reflect. Looking back on 2010, what stood out to me were all the egos. Egos come stem from all walks of life. The athletic world, the political arena, late night TV and even in the beauty industry.

Where would 2010 be without LeBron James? Never has an athlete gone from being so beloved to being so hated in one year perhaps besides Michael Vick. His name just makes me want to roll my eyes. He is a talented kid, that is one positive thing I will say about him. His decision to take up an hour of ESPN's time to announce that he was leaving the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat was just pompous. The announcement could have made in a 5 minute press conference or even a tweet! I've said it before,  I'll say it again "just because you have a talent, doesn't mean you have to have an ego." I use him constantly as my example because quite frankly I think he's a great one: Peyton Manning. He is a gifted quarterback, he works hard even though he would still be great, yet you don't read scandalous things about him nor does he hog the lime light. Someone else I used to use as an example was Brett Favre. 2010 changed that...

Favre was a "professional" (yes in quotes) athlete that I once adored. Yes, he made himself the butt of jokes before 2010 by coming in and out of retirement. However, this year he topped even himself. Photos of his private parts that he supposedly sent to a reporter were leaked. First of, he was not that impressive and second- he's married. Not only is he married but his wife has breast cancer. I would consider sending SEVERAL photos of your private bits to a female (who is nearly twenty years younger) cheating. Cheating is definitely something someone with an ego does ESPECIALLY when you cheat on your wife WHO HAS CANCER (looking at you John Edwards)!
Moving onto the entertainment world now... Jay Leno. After giving his former Late Night talk show host job to Conan O'Brien, he quickly took it away. It was in really poor taste if you ask (and you did lol!). Yes, Jay can't fully be blamed because it was NBC's decision. However, Jay could have respectfully declined because he publicly shook Conan's hand and wished him well on the new job. I just feel to publicly say "here take my job and good luck" to someone who dreamed of it, was loyal to the NBC family over 20 years and to take it away from them all in 9 months is heartless. Where is your shame? Conan turned out okay from it all but I think it's because he stayed humble (read: no ego). I preferred Jay to David Letterman and never took him to be so cruel. It definitely showed the world how back stabbing show business can be. I only watch Conan's show on TBS now and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Otherwise, I can't stand late night television.

Lastly, we come to the beauty industry. Surprised? Me too! Jean-Paul Guerlain of the cosmetic company bearing his name uttered a racial slur. During an interview he said "he worked like a "n****r." Really? First of all, you're a cosmetic company executive so I doubt you even lift a finger. Secondly, who uses that kind of language anymore?! Rappers. He said it so casually to like it is still accepted terminology. That is an ego if I ever saw one. Come down from your golden throne and face reality. After many protests, he is no longer associated with the company. It just still boggles my mind when anyone still thinks such derogatory words are accepted by today's society.

Do you notice all these egos were men? Yeah... but anyways. What stands out about 2010 to you?


  1. i agree, there were lots of crazy male egos this year!

  2. Seriously! Where are the female ones? :p


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