December 13, 2010

The 2010 Hollywood Style Awards Had No Style

What was going on in Hollywood last night? I think all the stylist took an early vacation for the holidays. It was not pretty.

Lea Michele who I've applauded for having taken fashion risks showed up wearing a potato sack. What is this monstrosity?!
Kate Bosworth wore a t-shirt?! Don't try a pull a Sharon Stone and wear a Gap shirt to a classy event.
I'm okay with Emily Blunt's bow-tastic black dress until I get to the shoes. No!
Zooey Deschanel looks like a sad nun. What the heck?!
Mina Suvari looks like an alien. The blonde hair is too harsh against her porcelain skin tone.
Katie Cassidy had censored black boxes over her goodies. Just because you added lace, doesn't make it classy.
Selena Gomez's dress looked like some outer galaxy vomited. What is this?!
Camilla Belle gets 'Best Dressed' which isn't say much among this crowd.

Okay, Kim is done ranting now. What were your thoughts about the fashions?

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