November 12, 2010

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I really don't get why they filmed this so far in advance, the show isn't set to premiere on TV until Nov. 30th! I do like the Victoria's Secret fashion show because it is over the top glam and the models give a lot of energy. It's fun! Sometimes fashion shows can be a little drab with the sullen faced models.

Apparently the themes were:  Tough Love, Game On, Country Girls, Heavenly Bodies, Wild Things, PINK. I think my favorite was "Tough Love" because there was a lot of studs.


Katy Perry performed at the show wearing her usual quirky outfits. They fit right in with the show!

Some of my favorite looks:
I'm glad guys were featured too!

Really cool wings

Doubt this will be available at any VS stores
I think the jungle theme had some of the best wings
Chanel Iman is gorgeous

Adriana Lima wearing the $2 million bra (I think she just had a baby!)

There were a lot of ugly shoes.

Source: Socialite Life

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