November 10, 2010

My Pompadour

I really wanted to try this look but couldn't find Youtube tutorials for how to achieve it with my thin, white girl hair. So I improvised! It was actually a lot bigger, but my friend invited me to dinner and I didn't want to horrify her so I did my best to tidy it up since I think this is more of a glam look.

What I did:
- Set my hair in hot rollers for approximately 30 minutes
- Teased! Teased!
- I flipped my head over and slowly twisted it up with bobby pins. I took about an inch of hair on each side and worked my up my hair until it was sitting on the top of my head.
- Gathered the mess on top and pinned it back in a neat pompadour. Then hair sprayed like it was the '80s!

What you'll need:
- LOTS of bobby pins
- A comb to tease
- Good holding hair spray

Janelle Monae


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