November 11, 2010

An iPhone App For Your Period... What Won't They Invent?

Yes... Always has created a free iPhone app to 'manage' your menstrual cycle called Always Me™ (how cute).

The app’s features include:
  • Comprehensive, interactive tracker and calendar to help manage a woman’s period/cycle
  • Reminder notifications for anticipated arrival of period or ovulation
  • Personalized, expert Q&A function for users to submit private, personal questions
  • Tips on topics ranging from how to better manage one’s cycle, health matters, exercise, etc.
  • “Shop Always” button for discreet, immediate and direct online purchase of Always feminine hygiene products from one’s mobile device as well as a store locator
I don't think I really need an interactive calendar to track my period, thank you. But I do like the 24 hour personalized Q&A feature. Sometimes women are too embarrassed to ask certain questions, but I feel like Google could provide those answers as well.

I don't have an iPhone so I won't be downloading it. Will you?

Source: Beauty in the Bag

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