November 4, 2010

I Made a Profile!

Yes, I've taken the plunge into online dating. Yikes! My friend actually found her fiancee on and has been begging me to join. I didn't want to drop the money on it because I thought I could do the dating thing on my own. I recently just ended a year long relationship with a really immature guy. Although, I'm only 25, I know what I want and I'm ready to have it. I don't want to date anymore unemployed fools who don't know where their future is headed. I want someone on the same level as me: mature, educated, has a career going for them, their own place, and ready to start something long term.

I never know what to write on these "Tell us about yourself" things. Here is what I wrote on my profile (would love some feedback!):

My mate must be okay with:
- the LGBT community. Maybe come to a gay pride festival with me or go dancing at a gay club.
- NOT smoking. I can't be with someone who smokes, I'm really sensitive to the smell.
- with sarcasm, dry humor. I can be very sarcastic.
- my best friend being an ex
- my brutal honesty
- my physical limitations. I don't walk very fast because I'm short so you'll have to keep a slower pace and I can't walk for long periods of time so we may have to take a rest on a bench.
- my style criticisms. Fashion is my passion so I'm going to have an opinion on your style.
- not having kids or getting married. Those aren't things I have planned for my future. Yes, I would like a long- term committed, monogamous relationship but there won't be a wedding.
- letting me eat your fries :)

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