November 19, 2010

I Don't Drink, No I'm Not Mormon

When people find out that I don't drink alcohol, they are usually shocked or impressed. Then they ask, “Oh, are you Mormon?” Is that the only reason someone doesn’t drink who is in their twenties?  No, I’m not Mormon (I’m actually Atheist, but that’s another post for another time).

Then I get asked if I’m straight edge. I’m not a fan of the label "straight edge." I think people use it for the wrong reasons. I feel like those who label themselves as “straight edge” are doing it to suppress urges or to be “trendy.” I didn’t decide not to drink, nor do I have the urge. I just happen to be a person who doesn’t like the taste of alcohol.

Nor do I think I need to be applauded by someone telling me, "That is so impressive." Is it really? To me it's like someone who doesn't eat brussel sprouts won't eat them because they taste bad.

I'm not cutting myself off from something I once enjoyed. I'm simply not drinking beverages I don't like. Why is it so hard to imagine someone not liking alcohol? Trust me, at 25, all my friends have tried to get me to taste drinks that they swear are delicious. I have yet to find one. If I can smell the alcohol then it completely puts me off. If a drink is successful enough to get past the smell test, I’m not a fan of the burning sensation in my throat either. I much prefer the taste of a Shirley Temple, thank you very much. Have you ever had one? Now those are delicious!

This isn’t to say I judge people who enjoy their beers or martinis. I do find it amusing when I have to recount a person’s actions to them the previous morning. I don’t really understand the joy in not remembering a single thing you did the night before. But that’s just me. No, I’m not a prude. I will lose my inhibitions from time to time. I just don’t need alcohol in order to do so. All I need is a sugar high and my best friend around to be a goofball.

I don’t ever feel like I decided to not drink. I just stuck with what tasted good to me. Yet people literally are taken aback when they find out. Is it really that shocking? Or should it be that shocking? Do any of you Lovelies not drink?

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