November 5, 2010

Holiday Movies I Want to See

The New York Times wrote up their yearly "Holiday Movies" section this past weekend. I'm not sure why Christmas time has become the 2nd blockbuster season for movies (the first being Summer of course). I understand Summer, everyone is out of school... people want to get out of the heat. But are so many people not willing to be around family during the holidays that they go to movies? It got me thinking about upcoming movies, of course. So I thought I'd share what movies I'm looking forward to seeing:

TRON: Legacy- I really hope this doesn't disappoint like Star Trek did. It looks so visually interesting and Jeff Bridges is awesome. He just won an Oscar so at least I can count on one good actor. The title definitely hints at more movies to come.

Burlesque- Looks like a better version of "Showgirls." I'm interested to see Christina Aguilera's acting chops

The Green Hornet- I love Seth Rogen and many people said he couldn't play this role. I loved how he slimmed down for it so I want to see him kick ass!

Movies I'll wait to see on Netflix (doesn't mean I'm not a fan, just won't pay $12 for a ticket):

Black Swan- starring Natalie Portman. Sounds really interesting but would rather watch on my comfy couch.

The Tourist- I love Johnny Depp, hate Angelina Jolie. That is why this movie is a Netflix choice.

Megamind- Reviews are saying it entertains the family so it's not awful. I love Tina Fey and Will Ferrell but hate going to movies with kids.

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