November 12, 2010

Beauty Product of the Week: Nair Hair Removal Wax Strips

I hate hair! I'm really anal when it comes to body hair. I especially hate feeling hair on my upper lip even if it's just peach fuzz. Going to the salon in NYC is expensive so I wanted to try some at-home hair removal methods. My friend used a hot wax kit but burned her upper lip, which kind of scared me away from trying anything for awhile.

I asked readers for recommendations and some recommended this. Nair's face wax strips, which you don't have to heat up; therefore, preventing my friend's mishap. I purchased them for around $5 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I love them!
It comes with 7 medium and 10 small strips. The medium size are good for underarm or bikini area (I haven't been brave enough to try that yet). Where the small strips are good for upper lip and eyebrows.

I found the hot wax used in most salons leaves my sensitive skin red and irritated long after I've been there. However, with Nair's strips it was red at first but after using their soothing wipe it went away. I'm sure a cold compress would do the same. The hair has stayed away for almost two weeks now, which makes me a happy woman. I'll definitely be using more of these in the future!

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