November 2, 2010

7 Reasons Why I Love the Winter

I love the winter. It might sound crazy but I would rather go on vacation to a place with mountains and snow than beaches. I like the cozy dressing and curling up on my couch with some cocoa. Here are 7 reasons why I love the winter:

7. Holidays. With the changing of the leaves comes holidays, which means good ol' family cooking! And opening presents! You can't get those in the summer time (unless you have a summer birthday lol!). I love holiday cooking: stuffing, pumpkin pie, turkey with cranberry sauce or gravy. Christmas morning never gets old to me, wearing your Christmas themed pajamas and waking up to the smell of mom's Belgium waffles. All this great food leads me to reason #6....

6. You don't have to have a perfect physique. In the warm weather I feel like I am showing more skin so I need to be in shape. However, during the winter everyone is in layers and bundled up so you can't see some of your imperfections. Now your muffin top can provide warmth!

5. More sleep.  Daylight Savings turns back the clocks an hour essentially giving you an extra hour to sleep. Who doesn't love more sleep?

4. Everyone is a natural color (usually). I'm a pale person myself and I always feel like I look sickly in the summer time, while everyone is getting their tan on. However, winter is totally my season! People no longer are soaking in the sun and return to their natural shade. Although there are ones who can't give up their fake tanning habits.

3. Cozy Sweaters. I've always loved Fall/Winter fashions. Yeah, Spring/Summer have great prints but Fall/Winter has great coats and soft fabrics. I love curling up in a warm, cozy sweater. Need I say more?

2. Fresh snow. There is nothing like the first snowfall. It always turns you into a little kid, making you want to stick your tongue out and catch a snowflake on your tongue. Go sleigh riding, build a snow man, make snow angels... the fun is endless! Until the snow plow drives by and pushes it into an ugly pile on the side of the street.

1. Hot chocolate!!! I'm not a coffee drinker (gasp!) so to get my warm drink fix I turn to tea and hot chocolate. Nothing is more heavenly than Grandma's hot chocolate recipe, which leaves some foam to tickle your nose as you sip topped off with whip cream and lightly sprinkled cinnamon.

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