October 10, 2010

National Coming Out Day!

(Me and my best friend, William, at Gay Pride)

Today is National Coming Out Day and it couldn't be more important. After the tragic suicides of 4 LGBT youths in the past months, National Coming Out Day should be a day when not only members of the LGBT community come out to their loved ones but a day when it's heterosexual allies stand by them.

Today over 10,000 gays and lesbians will come out to their families and friends. It is a day that makes the members of the LGBT community feel accepted and like they’re not the only ones. Unlike what happened with the college student at Rutgers, such a tragedy that should never have happened.

Ellen DeGeneres taped what I thought was a great video on her show addressing these tragic events:

On this day I ask that you stand by your friends and family members as they go through this difficult process. The more people who show compassion and treat anyone who is LGBT as an equal, the less bullying and deaths we will have to see.

I'm a proud Ally and will wear my shirt to show my support. What will you be doing?

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