October 29, 2010

I'm Concerned My Brother Has Been Reading Too Much Lovelyish

My brother getting his daily dose of gossip
My brother is a college guy who enjoys chess, Stephen Colbert's sarcasm, and intellectual debates about 18th century history a.k.a not quite Lovelyish's target audience. However, I've grown concerned that he may be reading too much Lovelyish (is there such a thing?!). Case in point:

He commented that my Ray Ban wayfarers were very Katy Perry.

He knew that Lady Gaga's shoes at the VMA'S were Alexander McQueen.

He reports on celebrity break-ups before sometimes I even know about them!

He has grown a fondness for Rihanna's style and says I should experiment more like she does.

He talks about exfoliating.

He's ditched the typical 3-in-1 men body washes to try new products, such as rosemary mint shampoo.

And the most recent cause for concern.... while watching Sunday afternoon football he belted out Justin Bieber's "Baby."

Should I be concerned? Do any of the men in your life read Lovelyish?

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