October 25, 2010

I Only Shop Stores With Twitter Accounts

It may sound ridiculous... but hear me out. Social media is not going away whether you like it or not. It really does serve a purpose and companies need to recognize that.

I was slow to join the Twitter bandwagon but I really appreciate it's function in the world now. Some of you may be rolling your eyes thinking celebrities just tweet "I'm eating a sandwich." That may be true, but it does have other benefits. Take the #FollowForCharity Twitter initiative I started with a fellow Twitter friend. For every follower we gain this month, we'll be donating money to specific charities.

I think it's important for companies to be active on Twitter because it keeps them in touch with their customers. It also shows me that they can keep up with the changing industry. A good example is Nordstrom. They already have a reputation for fabulous customer service, but they've continued that with social media. I've seen tweets:

"Where is my @Nordstrom order DAMMIT!"

And then shortly thereafter Nordstrom responds:

"@(so and so) Got your tweet, how may we help?"

Then a few minutes later that person says:

"Love @Nordstrom!"

Who wouldn't want to shop at a store who hears your concerns and wants to do something about it? Customers need to realize that we have the control and start demanding things we want, rather than just dealing with what is out there.

Word of mouth is the best way to build a reputation and Twitter is the new "word of mouth."

P.S. How awesome are those tights?

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