September 9, 2010

My Ruffian Spring '10 Runway Inspired Nails

In April, I wrote a post about Spring nail trends I'm excited about. I showed the above pic of nails at the Ruffian Spring '10 runway show. I searched Youtube for tutorials on how to create this look, but to my surprise found nothing! This nail design weighed on my mind for SO LONG! I finally came up with my own way to create the look.

Step 1: Apply a base coat.
Step 2: Apply the "middle" (bright pink color) along the whole nail. I used Essie's "Bermuda Shorts." Let dry.
Step 3: Use the French manicure stickers that act as a guide, for both the black tip and the bottom "half moon" affect.
Step 4: Use nail polish remover to expose the nail at the bottom, trace along the sticker line to create the arch.
Step 5: Apply black nail polish along the tip of your nail, following along the sticker. Let dry.
Step 6: Remove stickers. Apply top coat. Voila!

It is a lot of steps, but I think it is a very chic manicure. Next time, I would use a different middle color and make a better arch on the bottom. I'll definitely need to practice more, but I think they came out pretty good for the first time and making things up :) (I also want to give that eye makeup a try!)

*Update: I changed the middle color to a bright purple and liked it better. I got lots of compliments from my family at Labor Day!

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