September 11, 2010

Making it Work... Long Distance

Drew Barrymore's new movie "Going the Distance" reminds me... I'm in a long distance relationship *sigh.* It's not as cute as her's with Justin Long and we're not across the country. He is only about 5 hours by car/train in the same state (New York). But... it sucks.

Nothing is worse than being apart from the person you love. But there is nothing you can do... so you gotta "make it work" (Tim Gunn voice). Here's what I'm doing:

1) Skype dates- Yes... use technology to your advantage! However, I feel like my partner is in jail because I can see him but not touch him. It's nice to see their face and expressions during your conversations. It is also a good way to go "oh good they're still cute." You need to be reassured!

2) Phone calls- We try to say 'goodnight' on the phone every night. It's not always possible, REMEMBER THAT! Having some routine of checking in will keep you sane in your relationship. Don't only rely on texts or e-mail, they can be so cold. Most women can detect if you're missing them with your voice, which is nice to hear because we miss you too.

3) Keep it spicy- Not to get too X-rated but just because you're apart doesn't mean you can't do things. Whether it's "sexting," phone sex or sexy Skype chatting *wink*, you need those releases. Distance doesn't mean you suddenly have to be celibate... we have needs!

4) Visits (if possible)- I know it can be expensive and difficult to schedule, but do try to make the effort to see each other if you can. Nothing replaces human interaction. And it will make the long-distance thing easier to deal with.

As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Let's hope the distance isn't forever.


We all have opinions... I want to hear yours!

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