September 11, 2010

Fashion's Night Out- Sept. 10th, 2010

Friday, September 10th was the 2nd annual Fashion's Night Out. A night to celebrate fashion! Last year was its first so it was a bit unorganized so I ended up going to Ann Taylor with my mom (it was also on a Thursday night).

This year it was on a Friday and let me say... everyone was out! The streets of NYC are usually crowded but this time it was filled with fashionistas. Loved seeing all the great styles, I wish New York could look like that all the time (get a break from those horribly dressed tourists!). However, being the pessimist that I am... one downside to the night was that it seemed to be for "exclusive" fashion crowd.

Last year it was more about shopping, but this year was about celebrities (including editors- they're celebrities in our world) and what parties you weren't invited to. You COULD go to DVF or Chanel, but if you weren't on a list then you waited on an enormous line and hoped you would get in (not guaranteed). Case in point- Balenciaga. My girl crush, Karen Elson, was performing. This event was not highly publicized like the SJP appearance at Chanel or Olsen twins at Bergdorf. So my friend and I assumed we would wait in line with a few Elson enthusiasts. Boy were we wrong. The line was RIDICULOUS and the security guards weren't letting anyone in. They even stopped Grace Coddington (how dare they!)! Then I heard Ms. Elson's angelic voice outside the store to find out that they weren't letting people in until after the performance. Whatever happened to fans at a show? Now you have to be a fashion editor or photographer to get in (or argue your way in). Fashion's Night Out is supposed to be an inclusive worldwide celebration of fashion... not another night to be reminded you're not part of the "in" crowd.

It was kind of a disheartening night... no T-shirt, no purchases, and no Karen Elson. The funnest part of the evening was unwinding at a local French restaurant where I had tea and apple tart.

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