September 13, 2010

A Fashion Blogger Walks the Runway at Fashion Week!

This is a big deal to me. It shows how far bloggers have come. I remember when editors didn't want bloggers at the fashion shows because supposedly they knew nothing about fashion.

It's fashion week in New York and Rumi Neely from "Fashion Toast" walked the Rebecca Minkoff fashion show. I believe this is the first time a blogger has walked a REAL fashion show (not a charity event, etc.). AMAZING!

Bloggers probably understand more about fashion than editors because they are consumers. They know what they like and aren't influenced (most of the time) by gifts/money or fame. They blog because they have a passion for it. I feel like most fashion editors have been tainted in their jobs and bloggers present a fresh voice. I hope to see more bloggers in runway shows! Perhaps me :)

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