September 9, 2010

5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

I recently turned 25, which is a "landmark" birthday. Being a quarter of a century old, you tend to reflect. Not just on the past year but even further back. I started thinking about high school and how it was such an awkward and unpleasant time in my life. I wish there were things I knew then that I know now to help me get through it. Here are some things I wish I could tell my younger self:

1. You'll get boobs! You may be a late bloomer... but you will get boobs! I promise! And they are FANTASTIC (in my humble opinion). You will be at a weight that you never imagined, no you're not fat just curvy. You will fill out your jeans a little more, it's good to be a little curvy, and your tops. Just be patient.

2. Prom wasn't that great. You aren't going to have a date to prom, but it's not the end of the world. You won't grow up regretting not going because your older self really didn't get the big deal. So don't feel bad, you'll have a much funner time having a night with friends. Besides... you don't want to go with any of those boys anyways :)

3. Be bold! Raise your hand more often in class, speak up for yourself, and maybe tell that boy you like him (it won't kill you!). You may be afraid to answer a question wrong in front of the class, but it's how you learn and build confidence. Those "cool kids" really aren't that cool and they have no right to judge you. Just know that they are only "cool" in the little bubble that is high school, not outside of it. So don't let them ever make fun of you and if they do... say something back!

4. It all works out. You may think grades and the drama of high school is the end of the world... but it's not. You get out of high school alive. You go to fashion school to pursue your love, you have a fantastic time in college and make fantastic friends. You are now living in New York City (your dream!) and living a happy, fulfilled life. You work at this really fun blog called Lovelyish ;) Just stay focused on what you want and don't worry other people say.

5. You are beautiful. You may not have been voted "class hottie" or "most beautiful eyes" (you should have!), but that doesn't mean you're not attractive. You are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you differently. Just because you earned some scars on your legs from surgery, doesn't mean they're ugly. Show them off! Wear shorts more often! Just because the stupid boys didn't ask you out, doesn't mean you're not going to find a great guy who appreciates you (you will!).

Well that's my list.

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