July 14, 2010

Why Are Crop Tops Coming Back in Fall?!

Designers have me excited for fall fashion already. However, some stores are trying to sell me on "half shirts" which kind of terrify me. I certainly don't have the figure to showing off my midriff nor do I find it that appropriate in the fall!

Elle included a spread about '90s movies that are influencing fall fashion, one including "Empire Records." I LOVED the movie (and the soundtrack) but Liv Tyler and a young Renee Zellweger totally had the body for the look. It's not for everyone.

Some stores selling the look:

Victoria's Secret

Straight out of the '90s!

The Delia*s one is so cute and at least they paired it with a shirt underneath.

I'm still not sure I'll be shopping up cropped sweaters in the fall.

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